Absinthe Ordinaire Liqueur - France

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France- Handcrafted in rural southern France using only the highest quality distillation methods and ingredients. Made from natural, traditional Absinthe botanicals, not oils or essences, including a full measure of the legendary botanical Wormwood.

Distillery de Lure was founded in 1898 in Forcalquier. For nearly 80 years, it has been a succession of owners, including Henri Bardouin, a man fascinated by plants. Then, it was in 1974 that Alain Robert with a small team takes over the company now renamed Distilleries et Domaines de Provence. Many of our iconic brands have existed since the origin of the distillery, like Farigoule or Gentiane de Lure, others have been developped over time, taking into account changing tastes and consumption patterns.

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